Bliss Organics Acne Facial

Bliss Organics Acne Facial

This facial will help to heal the skin and restore it to its natural potential, using ethical, organic, natural products, formulated to work with the biology of your skin. The products used are designed to build immunity and are guaranteed to produce better, faster, real results without any risk to your skin or to your health.

Treatment is based on the following multi stage process that leads to significant improvement even after a single treatment.

  • Control or contain bacteria
  • Reduce unnecessary oils
  • Unplug clogged pores
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Build the immunity of the skin
  • Heal the skin quickly to reduce scarring

Treatment includes extractions and a high frequency treatment to disinfect and close the pores. A home regime will be advised and complimentary trial products will be given with treatment.

60 minutes