What can I expect from Photo Rejuvenation?

A far healthier skin inclusive of: improved skin tone, diminished pore size, more even skin pigmentation, firmer skin through increased collagen and fibroblast activity, faster cell turnover rate, improved texture, and increased circulation.

What does the procedure involve?

Your skincare specialist will expose your face to a gentle light of particular wavelength (seen as a distinctive color by the eye). You need only close your eyes and relax. You will feel nothing during the procedure as its non invasive and entirely painless.

It’s Painless. Is it still safe?

Absolutely! Long before FDA approval, “Photo Modulation” (Light Therapy) had already been used in Europe for years. While the light may look like a series of lasers, operating in tandem, the output is actually generated by a series of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that will never burn you or result in any damage of any kind.

How often will I need the Procedure?

As a rule, maximum results are achieved after nominally 6 sessions. This is common for Photo Rejuvenation procedures and equipment, regardless of the light-source design. Improvements in the skin may be realized before completion of the sessions, but one is encouraged to continue for the balance of the sessions. And further know that the skin often continues to improve after the 6 sessions. Typically, the initial sessions are spaced once or twice a week apart.

Beyond this, in the ideal, we would recommend follow-up maintenance visits about once every month, depending upon environmental exposure, such as sun.

Is there any involvement on my part?

Yes — or rather, there should be… For best result, it’s recommended that you not lay at the beach or around the pool for hours on end. And as a general rule — at all times — use a high SPF Sun Block, even when not enjoying the recreational outdoors. This aside, we would also recommend 500mg to 1000mg of Vitamin C per day while undergoing the 6 sessions. This — combined with 1 liter of quality water, per day — works in concert with the Photo Rejuvenation sessions to yield the maximum turnover of cells, along with improved fibroblast and collagen activity. Beyond this, your skincare specialist may recommend a product to yield additional improvement, depending on your particular skin condition.