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Jan Wynnychuk — Licenced Esthetician

Jan Wynnychuk — Licenced Esthetician

About Me

I graduated with honours from Kamloops School of Aesthetics in 2003, and gained foundational experience working in a medi-spa for 6 years. However, tired with the harsh treatments and harmful chemicals, I made it my objective to find and provide a holistic approach to skin treatments and skin care. This goal lead me to confidently open Kamloops Esthetics in 2010. I tirelessly educate myself on the best products and methods for clients.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, and a mother — no I am not Alanis Morrisette! It remains important to me to be a good example to my peers in all aspects, including ageing, and that our adult and adolescent years are lived with confidence and pride. I want to ensure my clients live their best life authentically, and I work with their bodies, hearts and minds to establish this. I insist on using only well researched and scientifically pure, wholesome, natural, organic, ingredients not because they are fashionable but because they are the best.

the cabine

the cabine

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the products

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Skin Care

I am proud to recommend Bliss Organics. I am self assured knowing you will get fantastic results without any compromise to your health or the broader environment. Bliss Organics is in a category all of its own, being so much more than simply “natural” and “organic” because not everything “natural” and “organic” is good for you. Some organic skin care ingredients are of zero benefit to your skin and some are downright dangerous to your health. The developer and founder of this product line, Dr. Fatma Mohammad, has created a unique formula which uses an intracellular delivery system that transfers the ingredients to the layers of your skin which need it most. She uses bio-compatibility and synergy to achieve these desired results rather than thermal heating, synthetic chemicals or harmful, natural ingredients. Handmade in BC, these products have zero emulsifiers, parabens, and preservatives, natural or otherwise. Bliss Organics is THE HEALTHIEST, result based skin care on the market today. This line is based on the most up to date science, with your good health as Bliss Organics number one priority.

I use Bliss Organics because it encompasses everything I want in a skin care line. It exceeds being simply organic and natural. Our body recognizes these ingredients, they are easily absorbed, penetrate deeper, and hold longer than any synthetic or cheaper counterparts. It works to ensure a healthy complexion that is radiant and has lasting, long term results.

Dr. Fatma Mohammad

Dr. Fatma Mohammad

About the founder:

Dr. Fatma Mohammad holds a degree in human biology, a degree in environmental studies, and a PhD in Microbiology. She cares deeply about your health and the world around us, and it shows in her formulations. Dr. Mohammad shares my values, stands warrior strong in integrity, and encompasses everything I want in a skin care line for myself and clients.

Dr. Fatma Mohammad
PhD, BSc, Fullbright
(Microbiology, Botany & BioChemistry, Environmental Studies)

Kamloops Esthetics Focus

My focus is on providing women with advanced skin care and customized facial treatments designed for successful aging. The products and services provided restore skin from the inside out supporting and promoting the natural function of rejuvenation.

Skin Care Services

At Kamloops Esthetics I offer a variety of Signature Facials including the Green Peel and 24 Karat Gold facials.

In addition, I offer Customized Facials. These facials are designed by a professional skin care specialist to meet your individual concerns and budget. Included in the services offered are micro dermabrasion, photo rejuvenation and non-surgical face lifts as a single service or as an add-on to any customized facial.

All services are preformed in a private and friendly atmosphere.