“The Wave of the Future”

Photo Rejuvenation

$99.00 per session
Series of 6 sessions — $535.00

Add to any treatment
10 min — $30.00
15 min — $45.00
20 min — $60.00

LED light therapy or photo rejuvenation is the use of light energy designed to excite and stimulate cell activity. Sluggish cells are given an “energy boost”. This extra energy provides fuel to the cells giving them the needed energy to produce and function at optimum levels. This action significantly increases collagen regeneration and cell production rate — creating a truly anti-aging effect on the skin.

This is an excellent treatment to follow Skin Resurfacing. Best of all, improvements continue after a photo rejuvenation session as cells and elastin continue to grow.

Our focus…

“Successful Aging”

In preparing your skin for the best possible outcome: all skin care treatments include an exfoliation of the surface layer using a unique blend of marine ingredients and herbal emollients which exfoliate, detoxify, and re-mineralize your skin naturally!