Signature Facials for Successful Aging We all want to have beautiful skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.

All facials are designed specifically for your skin’s needs, using pure natural treasures from the earth which are proven to deliver hydration and vital nutrients for amazing skin. Treatments include a gentle cleansing of the skin, purifying exfoliation, mineral treatment, hydration treatment, relaxing massage and a nourishing mask tailored to your individual needs.

Why have a facial?

Besides the benefits of relaxing the senses, there are several good reasons to having regular facials and for taking all the steps we do!

Exfoliate: Finished cells (dead surface cells) can clog pores and give your skin a dull, aged look. We remove these cells to reveal and to boost the growth of the underlying newer cells. We nourish and protect these immature cells with the best nature has to offer. Like a newborn baby these new cells are delicate!

Increase circulation and detoxify: Improve and restore circulation to skin layers by drawing out toxins and increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the skin cells. This stimulates skin functions and improves metabolism to maintain the health of the skin; correct skin conditions such as dryness, oiliness and redness, and slows down premature aging by increasing collagen production

Magnesium mineral treatment: Magnesium is important for our overall health. Bliss Organics mineral treatment ensures 100% absorption into the cells and tissues. It visibly calms and soothes sensitive, irritated skin.

Hydration treatment: Water is essential to our overall health. Your vital organs take the hydration they require first, leaving your skin the last organ to receive this fundamental fluid. Dehydration leads to fine lines and wrinkles and with any skin type, at any age we need to be concerned with hydration. 95% of all skin types in North America whether oily, dry or combination are dehydrated. Our goal is to bring and save moisture into the skin. So drink up Sisters (water not wine) and use a day cream that holds moisture with a breathable barrier and that protects your skin from environmental damage. This is important stuff!

Massage: is performed to relax the senses, to keep muscles flexible and to restore muscle tone.
It’s kind of like going to the gym for your face!

Nourishing mask: Where the professional steps into the ring. We are all wonderfully unique and have individual skin care needs, your skin care professional will apply the appropriate mask based on their analysis of your skin and your skin care goals.

Prices for Facials

Express Facial

Perfect for that little pick me up when you need to look your best

45 minutes

Signature Facials

Using the active cell boosters and pure collagen these facials are designed to see immediate changes in the skin

75 minutes

90 minutes

Sensitive Skin Facial

Includes photo rejuvenation to boost the cells and calm irritated skin

75 minutes

Teen Facial

45–60 minutes